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Thank you to all who sent me reviews. These warm my heart to hear how Hank and his adventures touch the hearts and lives of young readers!


Amanda Necessary McCain

We love your books! We are reading book 2. Thank you for writing such great stories. Do you mind if I share a picture of your book and info.

My daughter read Matthew 5:16 as we started Hank and the Tail of Rufus. That’s when she asked me. My kids always want to know if friends and people are Christians.

Scott and Tara Whitlock

Happy New Year! Thank you for your Christmas card, love it! Just received a text from my sister, Amy. “We just read the first book and we loved it!! It’s probably the best childrens book i have read so far”. “Amelia stayed engaged the entire time and it’s longer than most books that she has.” She would love to give a great review on your FB page.

Kimberly Brown - The Brown Bag

I hope you’ve marked your calendar.  My littlest and I read our first two Hank books during out reprieve over the holidays.  Folks, this is no ordinary, ‘Once upon a time…dog…adventure…the end’.  This book poses questions so that you can ENGAGE with your kids!  Have an actual conversation, facilitate THINKING!  They are delightful reads.  We are not only giving you opportunity to get your hands on these books, YOU GET TO MEET AN AUTHOR!!!  He is equally delightful and engaging. 

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