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Charles has been illustrating from the early age of 10. As a young man, he would climb to the top of a tall pine tree in his backyard. With his pencil and pad in his back pocket, he would climb to the top of the tree and sketch the objects around him. The Lord’s gift of illustration has been a part of Charles throughout his life. During his high school years, he was blessed by displaying much of his wildlife illustrations in the school’s display case.


God continued to increase his drawing abilities and has now moved him into writing and illustrating children’s books.

His Love for God, Family, two fluffy dogs and nature has given him a mind full of imagination. Charles is inspired by the works of Charles M. Schulz and Norman Rockwell.

He enjoys spending time camping, hunting and fishing with his boys.

Charles strives to bestow God's principles in every book he writes, showing children God’s character through the stories he writes and illustrates.

Charles Rowe
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