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Adventures of Hank

Charles B. Rowe

Author and Illustrator

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This is a story about a little yellow dog named Hank and his adventures on Cheery Heart Lane. Cheery Heart Lane is full of interesting characters and unforeseen adventures.

On one perfect Saturday, Hank and his not-so-friendly mouse companion are taken back by the wonder of a green bush.The bush is alive and Hank,

a loving and curious pup, wants to become it’s best friend.


It is a cool October day on Cheery Heart Lane and Hank is out enjoying the autumn air. The leaves are now turning a bright shade of red, yellow and orange and the wind is becoming colder.

Hank is on a new adventure when he runs into Rufus, the mouse that followed him about the neighborhood in his last outing.

Come and Read more ...

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Hank is out for another adventure! This time it is a beautiful Spring day on Cheery Heart Lane. High in the trees the birds were chirping. The squirrels were refreshed from their long winter naps and Mr. Grouse is getting ready for his day at the golf course.

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In “Hark the Howl,” Hank learns the true meaning of Christmas from Mrs. Wiffle. The aroma of Christmas cookies fill the air and the sites and sounds of the Christmas season are felt all throughout Cheery Heart Lane. Hank finds that Christmas is more than just receiving gifts. It’s a time of giving, a time of joy, and a time of caring toward those he loves and those around him.


I invite you to share in this warm story of Hank’s Christmas adventure. 

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This adventure takes place when Hank decides to go on a journey much further then he had ever gone before. His friend Rufus is along for the ride. While on their way, they come across an old-fashioned farm filled with all sorts of barnyard animals, the likes of which Hank has never seen before. On this farm, Hank encounters farmer Dewey, a plump sort of fellow. There is also a surprise for Rufus. Come along and see what awaits Hank and Rufus on this new adventure in The Hidden Path. 

A Bark In the Night_Cover.png


Hank and Rufus are hearing strange noises outside during the night. What or who is making those sounds? Could it be the owls? Could it be the
builder bugs playing games? Come along and see what is keeping Hank and Rufus up at night. 

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The Story Behind the Stories with Author and Illustrator Charles Rowe -

By Emily Henvey

Emily Henvey is the Communications Coordinator for the Grapevine Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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